Serbia legalizes the issue and trade of digital assets

The Serbian government has decided to loosen the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. Since December 29, Serbia has a law regulating the issue and trade of tokens

For legal work with cryptocurrencies, you need to obtain permission from the regulator. After that, you can use the full range of services. Moreover, within the framework of the law, cryptocurrencies can be issued with or without an approved technical document.

Digital assets with unapproved technical documents have emission restrictions and also cannot be advertised in the country. There are also restrictions on trading platforms. Exchanges must be licensed.

The provisions of the law do not apply to digital transactions on a limited network, where digital assets are not intended for sale, but are allocated only as loyalty or reward. The law does not apply to miners who can accumulate cryptocurrencies by mining.

It is not allowed for organizations:

  • use digital currencies;
  • convert your assets into cryptocurrency;
  • provide services for digital currencies;
  • participate in campaigns associated with them.

Serbia is experiencing a tech boom, with the industry accounting for over 6% of the country's GDP. For a country whose closest neighbors, Romania and Bulgaria, are busy expanding their technology industries, it is very important not to slow down.