SEC Ready To Promote Monetized Shares On Blockchain

SEC Chairman Declares Readiness To Promote Monetized Shares On Blockchain. Clayton believes tokenization is positive if approved by the SEC.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has the authority to promote the monetization of stocks through the blockchain. Commission Chairman Jay Clayton announced this last weekend.

At a digital workshop hosted by the Digital Chamber of Commerce, Clayton said he would not underestimate the monetization of trading securities. Provided that they have been officially registered with the SEC.

According to Clayton, blockchain will become the "financial Internet." With the advent of blockchain networks like Bitcoin, doors have opened for new types of stock trading. He added that there are so many of them that in the future "all shares can become tokens."

The manager believes that all warehouse operations are now carried out in a digital environment, so the panorama is very different from what it was 20 years ago. He explained that these shares used to have physical certificates, but now there are digital inputs that represent those certificates.

Clayton added that his agency does not admit that some projects seek to bypass the SEC, stating that their tokens do not represent shares or sources of funding.

“We don't like it when people say that [que] action is payment, so we really need to go beyond the law of value. When in practice we see that this is a financing instrument. No need to cheat and say, no, this is a payment system "