Russian regulator plans to ban investments in BTC

This week, the media leaked information that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation plans to ban investment in cryptocurrencies.

Official confirmation from the regulator has not yet been received. However, several sources of information said that the moratorium will only apply to new investments. All previously purchased cryptocurrencies can remain on the accounts of their owners.

According to the released information, new purchases of digital currencies in the domestic market of the state will be prohibited. To implement the innovation, the leadership of the Central Bank planned to hold negotiations with experts, representatives of the crypto community and interested companies in order to agree on the imposed restrictions.

Experts say the reason for the ban is the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Officials are afraid of the impact of the blockchain sphere on the Russian financial sector. To contain this process, Russia seems to have decided to go to extreme measures.

Earlier it was also reported that bitcoin will never become a payment instrument in Russia. The regulator does not allow the possibility of legalizing cryptocurrencies, since these are monetary surrogates that can harm the financial system of the state.

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