FinCEN received over 65,000 comments

The new KYC requirements for anonymous wallets planned by FinCEN significantly undermine the capabilities of the cryptosphere. On the official portal where comments on the regulator's resolution were collected, over 65,000 responses were published

Discussion of the project was open until January 4, 2021. In addition to comments from private investors, letters were also received from leading companies in the industry.

A total of 65,617 responses were received from individuals and companies. This is a rare opportunity for unification to demonstrate unanimity.

In a single burst, 24 cryptocurrency companies have united. Among them is the US Chamber of Commerce. Even several members of Congress and the Senator approached the regulator, asking him not to rush into making a decision.

Information on whether FinCEN plans to grant a deferral has not yet been reported. Due to the abundance of holidays and the new management, a response may not be received until next week.