Cryptocurrency news: around the world

The cryptosphere over the past 7 days has been overflowing with regulatory news. Many, gratifyingly, are very positive.

For example, stablecoins may soon become legal tender in the UK. However, there are also such information occasions that made us worry.


Taiwan. The regulator banned the purchase of cryptocurrencies with bank cards. The FSC (Financial Supervision Commission) has officially applied to the banking association to ban the purchase of digital assets with credit and debit cards. 3 months were given to fulfill the requirements.

Thailand. The oldest bank in the country, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), has postponed the purchase of the Bitkub crypto exchange, as due diligence is still underway. Recall that the purchase of 51% of the shares was to take place in the II quarter of 2022. The deal would have been closed through the bank's subsidiary, SCB X Group.

India. The country will not reduce the amount of crypto tax. This was announced by the Minister of Finance in response to a written request from industry representatives to Parliament.

Japan. The authorities are dissatisfied with the pace of self-regulation of the cryptosphere. In their opinion, the association of virtual currency exchanges failed to cope with its tasks due to a lack of resources and qualified personnel. As a result, the tasks of combating money laundering were failed.


Great Britain. The authorities plan to recognize stablecoins as legal tender. A bill was submitted to lawmakers for consideration, if passed, stablecoins can be officially used to pay for goods and services.

South Korea. The authorities of the country have postponed the introduction of a tax on the increase in income from cryptocurrencies until 2025. Recall that the 20% tax was planned to be introduced from January 1, 2023.

Finland. The local customs sold BTC for $47.5 million. In November 2021, all confiscated bitcoins were valued at $130 million. However, since then, their value has fallen by almost 3 times.

After the sale, the Finns still have 90 confiscated BTC and a number of other digital assets. The proceeds were used to help Ukraine.

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