China's Largest Banks: Legal Traders Have Nothing To Fear

The management of large banks of China is not going to freeze the accounts of crypto-traders who did not violate the laws of the country.

The largest banks in China comment

OTC traders sent a request to the largest China banks, demanding to clarify the situation with the massive user accounts blocking. After a while, banks officially comment on this:


 "As long as the operation is legal, the channel is legal, the virtual currency source is legal and if the web page also supports the bank card service, the bank will not actively freeze the user's funds. Unless there is any involvement of money laundering and fraud and other illegal related cases."

Alipay Statement

Alipay security staff could not ignore this topic and also commented:

"As long as there is Alipay payment page, and must be legal operation, it will not involve funds freeze, account freeze and other issues."

It’s better to have a separate account

Crypto experts state: for the safety of funds it is necessary to open a separate bank account, which will be intended solely for trading.


"It's better not to use bank cards with important uses to purchase cryptocurrencies, such as deduction cards and wage cards related to mortgage and car loans.”

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