Pockero is a blockchain-based decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace for everyday services.
Pockero is a peer-to-peer application that redefines P2P service systems. Text advertisements are no longer as convincing as they used to be, and ad walls quickly turn into ad cemeteries, in other words, these advertisements usually end up lingering on those sites for weeks without finding anybody to answer them. With Pockero, you can launch video queries to request help for a service or to borrow an object.  The whole concept is based on the instantaneousness of the internet and Pockero team packages it in the form of a game, the heroes in the surrounding neighborhood must answer the request quickly since there is no ad wall but rather a stream of spontaneous and gamified requests. In order to make this new classified ad system more dynamic and friendly, to gratify your hero, you invite him to have a drink or dinner, or you give him tips when the query is completed. The more you help your community, the more people you, but above all, you reach new levels in the application, you evolve your avatar by gaining points with each request.  Pockero Network exists as a decentralized entity, built upon a standard open-source framework comprised of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries. Pockero Platform provides libraries with core functionalities that are necessary to operate an online marketplace or community on mobile devices. Namely, the ability for users to post listings, filter and search through listings, rank peers and increase reputation. The Pockero framework is designed to be open and extendable Dapps to be customized and granted additional functionality through the use of auxiliary modules. Team also introduced the Pockero Network Token [PCKO] an ERC20 Token, to facilitate open participation and coordination across the network while providing protection from malicious actors. The Pockero Token is a multi-utility token which is required for application to the Pockero Network, utilized in an incentivized rewarding action to dictate access to a suite of ancillary services exclusive to network members, used to signal support or disapproval for proposals made by network participants, and which can be staked to deposit pools to mint tokens providing district-specific rights on third-party platforms. The Pockero Network will ultimately be comprised of global marketplaces and hyperlocal communities alike. The Dapp creation platform will provide users with an easy to use interface to design and deploy their own Dapp to the Pockero Network. The Dapp creation platform will provide a way to customize the parameters of the smart contracts powering a district and will offer numerous UI options to support a wide variety of markets and communities. The Dapps creation interface will feature an auxiliary module directory, similar to the Apple App Store, to allow for the easy discovery of plugins that extend the functionality and utility of Dapp. Social media Website: http://www.pockero.network/ Whitepaper: http://www.pockero.network/docs/WP-PCKO.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/PockeroNetworks Telegram:https://t.me/PockeroNetwork Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pockero LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pockero/ IEO IEO will start on the 21st of November. Exclusive bonus for SHORTEX users. More info here: http://www.shortex.net/pcko Disclaimer: SHORTEX does not give any investment or financial advice or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising. Investing in IEOs could be a great way to build a better future while it may involve high risks.