PlayStation 5 Concept Video Appears
A video of the concept of the console from Sony that has not yet come - PlayStation 5 appeared on the network. Its author is the official channel of the German network of retail electronics stores Mediamarkt-Saturn. The video shows the PS5 console according to the staff of the store. Though this video is only flights of imagination, it still deserves your attention. An interesting thing that can be observed on the render is the presence of DualShock 5 wireless charging and a touch screen on its upper part. Besides, the concept is equipped with two USB-C ports, a 2 terabyte high-speed solid-state drive, a Zen 2 processor, Ryzen RDNA graphics and support for Blu-ray 4K discs. Also, the new console will receive compatibility with all old games. The Mediamarkt-Saturn stores have more than 1000 sales points located in 15 countries in Europe. Given the size of this reseller, we can assume that its owners have some kind of insider information that they decided to share with their customers. But it's only guesswork, and the official presentation of the PS5 is scheduled for the end of 2020.