Duński Czerwony Krzyż używa DLT

Thanks to DLT technology, Red Cross donations can get to locations of disaster and disaster victims faster

Knowing this, the Danish Red Cross prepared Volcano CAT bonds for $3 million in disaster relief. They will be used to help those affected by volcanic eruptions in the least earthquake-resistant and volcanic regions - Mexico, Chile, Indonesia and other countries.

A special program will be responsible for the payment of funds. It will record volcanic eruptions, predict the area of ash damage based on data on the speed and direction of the wind. Funds to help victims will be paid automatically.

Every year, disaster-affected countries receive about $1 billion from the Red Cross. Previously, the process of allocating funds was a big problem. Now the situation has improved, thanks to blockchain technology.

In 2021, when the world is still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation plans to support Kenya's poor. Residents of slums and rural areas will be given cryptocurrencies, for which they will be able to buy goods in local shops.

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