Petycja Wielkiej Brytanii złożona w celu zakazania Bitcoin

Financial Advisor at West Riding Personal Finance Solutions, Neil Liversidge Petitioned to Ban Cryptocurrencies.

In his opinion, the destabilizing influence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on society is undeniable. They have no intrinsic value or benefit to the economy.

The financier calls to prohibit transactions with Bitcoin, not only to individuals, but also to companies. In his opinion, UK financial institutions should not work with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to Neil Liversidge, cryptocurrencies are a massive scam. He wants to destroy them and the criminals too.



Community reaction

From the statements of the author of the petition, one gets the impression that he does not quite understand the technology of cryptocurrencies. Some Twitter users also believe that he just decided to promote himself against the background of the current situation.

About the petition

The petition came 8 days after retail investors were banned from investing in cryptocurrency options, futures and other derivatives of Bitcoin and Altcoins. That is to say that the foundation for overregulation in the UK has already been laid.

Less than a hundred people signed the document. It will gain force and will be considered if 10 thousand people signed the petition. If 100 thousand signatures are collected, the government will be obliged to consider a law banning cryptocurrency in the country.