Snoop Dogg promuje Dogecoin

Celebrities massively support meme-cryptocurrency. Here's the famous rapper Snoop Dogg supported the cryptocurrency, advertising it in his Twitter account

More than 19 million followers of Snoop Dogg were able to see the meme, in which the 49-year-old rapper was presented as a dog shiba-inu the logo of cryptocurrency. He also slammed Elon Musk.



Snoop Dogg's tweet about DOGE at the time of publication received 216,700 likes and 45,500 retweets. The rapper's fortune is estimated at $150 million. If he invests some in Bitcoins, it will be a great support.

Actually, it's quite likely. Now many stars actively support Dogecoin. The head of Tesla has been writing about the cryptocurrency for years. He associated one of his tweets with music. In the tweet, he referred to the popular song that made up the golden fund of human melodies.

We're certainly talking about "Who Let The Dogs Out." The guys from Baha Men have created a real masterpiece. This 2000 song has been used many times in films such as "People in Black 2."



Given her fame, it is not surprising that Elon Musk sent such a message to the musicians. In fact, it was a challenge, and the musicians gladly joined it.

Gene Simmons, Kiss bassist, recently wrote about the crypto. This charismatic musician has become an example for many novice rockers, and today he does the same with newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies.



On his page, Gene Simmons wrote that he has several cryptocurrencies, but especially he believes in DOGE. He considers himself a real god Dogecoin. And now Challenger has backed Snoop Dogg.

Naturally, the cryptocurrency, which after the previous pump fell to 0.03 dollars, rose to the new ATH. The highest price point was $0.0823. The coin has a capitalization of $10.41 billion. This is a great result!