Azjatycki gigant technologiczny kupuje BTC i ETH

According to Meitu, a company registered on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, $100 million is planned to be invested in cryptocurrencies

$22.1 million has already been spent on the purchase of BTC, and another $17.9 was spent on the acquisition of ETH. The remaining $60 million will be invested during the year.

Recall that Meitu is the owner of a popular photo editing app. Its user population exceeds 456 million. It is a large company, and its entry into the cryptocurrency market is a serious event not only for the Asia-Pacific region, but also for the whole world.

The company's management believes that cryptocurrency technologies are still at an early stage of their development. However, the fact that BTC and ETH will continue to grow in price is undeniable.

In addition to investing in cryptocurrencies, Meitu plans to conquer the blockchain sphere by setting up the release of dApps based on Ethereum. Prospects for cooperation with a number of foreign companies to invest and launch joint projects with other blockchain enthusiasts are being evaluated.