FD7 Ventures sprzeda Bitcoin i kupi Cardano i Polkadot za 750 milionów dolarów

FD7 Ventures (Dubai) will sell Bitcoins for $750 million within 30 days. The fund plans to buy Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) with the proceeds

This decision was made by the president of the foundation, Prakash Chand, who believes that these altcoins and ETH will become the most popular in Web 3.0. And Bitcoin, in his opinion, is absolutely useless.

Now, when the price of cryptocurrency is growing, as is the interest in BTC from institutional investors, the decision to sell their Bitcoins looks ridiculous. Many companies like MicroStrategy and Tesla, on the contrary, are keen to buy BTC.

Perhaps the chapter of FD7 Ventures knows more than the rest. After all, Cardano has recently shown good growth. Now the coin is trading at $1.3 per token. The market value of the project exceeds $40 billion.

FD7 Ventures manages more than $1 billion. Choosing altcoins gives additional prospects to investors who want to invest in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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