Serbscy oszuści okradli inwestorów wartych 70 milionów dolarów

Anthony Stozhilkovich with his partners founded an investment company and stole more than $70 million from investors from different continents of the planet. According to the US Department of Justice, he was extradited to northern Texas by the Serbian authorities

The scammers created a chain of 20 bogus trading platforms that attracted investors from China, Serbia, and the United States. Some are named: Options Rider, Bancde and Start Options, Dragon and Trinity Mining, BTC Mining Factor.

The platforms advertised binary options and cryptocurrency mining. Investors were promised 80% return on investment, as well as buying Bitcoins for ½ the price, thanks to "mining 24-7".

The number of defrauded customers is in the thousands. The fraudsters will soon be brought to trial and sentenced to prison. The US Department of Justice will not commute the sentence to cybercriminals.

Several of the victims of the scam are US citizens. Therefore, the fraudsters were extradited to the United States where they face up to twenty years in prison.