Darknet otrzymał 1,7 miliarda dolarów kryptowaluty w 2020 roku

According to Chainalysis, the darknet market made huge bucks in 2020. The main users of the shadow internet are the USA, Russia, China and Ukraine

The largest illegal darknet marketplace is Hydra. It accounts for 75% of revenue in 2020. Thanks to him, the Darknet earned such a huge amount. Without the Hydra stake, the revenues of the rest of the marketplaces did not differ much in 2019 and 2020.

According to Chainalysis, the Darknet market is a powerful fuel for crime in the cryptocurrency industry, especially in Eastern Europe and China. Here, with the help of OTC transactions, significant amounts of funds in cryptocurrencies are laundered.

The largest consumers of the Darknet are Europe and North America. In terms of the volume of transactions on the Darknet, the leaders are the United States, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and China. In second place are Venezuela and Vietnam, which may be linked to drug trafficking.