ETH Miners: Uczta w czasach zarazy!

Ahead of the Eth2 update, and the Ethereum blockchain will move from mining (POW) to steaking (POS). How will the future of Ethereum miners develop, what projects do they migrate to? We don't know yet. Only one thing is clear, now they are getting super profits

The success of DeFi projects in 2020-2021 increased the turnover of funds in the Ethereum blockchain. And if users suffer from large commissions, ETH miners make a huge profit.

In January, the miners earned more than $830 million. Bitcoin miners did not dream of such profits. They do not have the same level of profitability. But it's going to be over soon.

Within 1.5-2 years, the network will switch to POS. The process was launched in December 2020. Also coming is an EIP-1559 update that will start burning most of the commissions. What awaits ETH miners?

In the future, Ethereum miners can switch to the extraction of any cryptocurrency, mined with the help of a GPU. There are at least 10 coins.

Some are already trying using outdated 4G equipment. Also promising destinations now are LTC and Dash.

Of course, they are far from bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, ETH miners note one feature - equipment for mining ETH is more expensive than for bitcoin. The threshold of entry into the business, and therefore - and the due date, is much higher.

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