Odlewnia znajduje się w TOP-10 basenów górniczych

The mining division of the Digital Currency Group (DCG) began mining cryptocurrencies in late summer 2020. It is one of the ten largest BTC mining pools on the planet

Foundry CEO, Barry Silbert said that this is not the limit. Foundry will soon enter the TOP-5. The company's production capacity is 2.74 exaches per second. This is about 1.85% of the total hash rate in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Recall that Barry Silbert recently revealed that global miners may become part of Foundry in February. At this rate, Foundry will be able to overtake US mining companies and take the lead.

Globally, DCG's brainchild is still far from the F2Pool and Binance Pool indicators. These are the largest pools on the planet. The first, Chinese, accounts for 18% of the total hashing power. Its speed is 24 EH/s.

As for the Binance Pool, this mining company is in second place with 13% of the market. Bitcoin mining is carried out at a hash rate of 19.16 EH/s.