Przegląd światowych wiadomości o kryptowalutach z 28 czerwca

The most up-to-date blockchain and cryptocurrency news are collected by CoinShark in this digest. From it you will learn what changes the cryptosphere is undergoing in Iran, India, Latin America and a number of other countries.

The Central African Republic launches Crypto Hub on July 3rd. This project will take the Central African Republic to the fore and make it the most “progressive” economy in Africa through the use of blockchain technology.

Latin America actively uses stablecoins in everyday life. More than a third of Mastercard users pay for purchases with stablecoins.



Iran stops supplying electricity to licensed mining farms (118 units). This is an annual seasonal practice associated with drought and the poor condition of the power grid.

India will launch a Proof-of-concept project that will help improve the traceability of cash flows using blockchain technology.

Catalonia (Spain) will create its own Cataverse metaverse. As part of the transformation of the region into a digital hub, the authorities of this Spanish region are developing the Smart Catalonia project. Within its framework, a metaverse will be created in which local digital artists and art organizations can create.

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