Mitsubishi i NTT rozpoczynają nowe przedsięwzięcie w zakresie cyfrowej transformacji

One of Japan's largest trading companies, Mitsubishi Corporation, and telecommunications firm Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) have formed a new venture called Industry One.

The companies intend to launch it at the end of 2021, and the main purpose of their brainchild will be to study and implement solutions for digital transformation in the business sector (DX). This includes blockchain and its various applications in the Japanese and international financial industries.

The partners invested about 900 million yen in the company, equivalent to $8.3 million. Mitsubishi owns 51% of the new firm, and NTT owns the remaining stake.

One of Industry One's current challenges is a project to support digital transformation in food distribution. Within it, companies are working on digitising and updating the processes of product inventory management and their distribution using blockchain.

The main goal of the project is to reduce the level of product reserves, while avoiding its deficit. Because it almost always becomes a problem with the forced decline in food stocks. Infrastructure should link data involved in the supply chain. "Data" refers to retail, wholesale suppliers, production stocks, as well as potential orders, demand forecast for specific products and even weather forecast.

The project includes more than 10,000 types of goods. So far, Industry One has managed to reduce food stocks from 30% to 40%. Given the success of the test project, the creators expect that in the coming months their solution will be applied in the network of 24-hour Japanese stores Lawson.

The problem of food waste is a big problem for Japan, as it is for any other emerging economy. The local Ministry of the Environment is seriously concerned about the emission of 19 million tons of food, of which 9 million are often thrown away before the expiration date. In addition to the obvious harm to the environment, enterprises lose money on such inventory expenditures. But the solution industry One can, if not save the country from this problem, then at least reduce its scope.

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