Portfele w wieku 1-3 miesięcy wyprzedały bitcoiny

Analysts found that new investors, whose wallet was created less than three months ago, during the fall in the value of Bitcoin sell it. For holders it's a real holiday

Analyst Will Clemente noticed an interesting trend. He tweeted that a whole group of cryptocurrency owners had enriched themselves as a result of the recent drop in the value of BTC below $50,000.

Beginners in the cryptosphere, whose addresses are created no later than one three months, actively sold their Bitcoins on the decline. They got rid of their portfolios because of fears of the collapse of the cryptocurrency.

However, this did not frighten Bitcoin holders. They bought the cryptocurrency at the bottom and got a profit when the price went up from $47 to $55,000.

Since Sunday, billions of stablecoins have entered the exchanges, which means that the cryptocurrency is actively purchased.

What about BTC?

Cryptocurrency received strong support at the level of $47,000. The bears couldn't overcome it. At the moment, judging by RSI, the time is good. This index fluctuates at its highest level since it fell due to Covid-19 in March 2020.

Also, the fact that the bull market is not completed, is evidenced by the interest of new users to Bitcoin. Every day, according to Will Clemente, 60,000 new addresses appear in the bitcoin blockchain.

This parabolic acceptance phase is in every bull cycle. And now we are in it. Bitcoin will grow!

You can see the current price of bitcoin on the Binance exchange.

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