Inwestorzy z USA tracą zaufanie do regulacyjnej akceptacji funduszy ETF Bitcoin

While Canada prepares to launch a Bitcoin ETF, not all US investors are convinced of the need to introduce a new financial instrument.

US government approval for Bitcoin ETFs is getting closer as skeptics run out of arguments. The news background also contributes to a positive response from US regulators. Especially against the backdrop of the new head of the SEC, versed in cryptography, and the decision on the bitcoin ETF from Canada, which is a platform for beta testing in the eyes of the US government.

Some enthusiasts who previously perceived bitcoin ETFs as a revolution now, for some reason, consider it less significant.

This opinion is shared by the CEO of Blockforce Capital and co-founder of Onramp Invest, Eric Erwin. He claims that many institutions are tired of waiting for the introduction of a new financial instrument and every day their optimism is fading away. However, he said, Gary Gensler's candidacy will have a huge impact on integrating innovation in the US financial markets. Erwin believes that as a former CFTC chairman, Gensler understands the importance of financial innovation, while sensibly assessing the potential damage from an uncontrolled market.

Michael Venuto, co-founder and chief investment officer of Toroso Investments, is still hopeful. He believes that in 2021, the chances of Bitcoin ETF approval by regulators are many times higher than in previous years. According to him, the progress of the cryptocurrency in improving the conditions for its storage and transparency of transactions has pacified the anger of regulators.

Meanwhile, the US agency continues to receive applications for listing bitcoin ETFs. One of the last to file an application was the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

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