Założyciel spiskowego źródła InfoWars zgubił laptopa z 10 000 BTC

In an interview with Flagrant 2, InfoWars founder Alex Jones told the tragic story of losing a laptop donated by TV host Max Kaiser in 2011. According to him, there were 10,000 Bitcoins on the device.

The TV presenter handed Jones a laptop, claiming that Bitcoin will surpass all world currencies in the future. Then the cost of one Bitcoin was no more than $5. Today the amount “enclosed” in a laptop is approximately $550 million.

It is terrifying to imagine that somewhere in the vastness of America half a billion Bitcoins are “lying around”. The only pity is that Jones himself lost the device long ago. Therefore, his chances of finding the laptop are next to zero.

Max Kaiser confirmed this on Twitter. One of the users in the comments under the nickname @BTC_Archive also noted that Kaiser retweeted the post of a potential scammer with 58 subscribers, which copies the @BTC_Archive profile with 65,000 subscribers.

This is not the first time that people have thrown away equipment that stores cryptocurrency. Previously, there were similar incidents with hard drives, computers and other devices, carelessly thrown into a landfill. So, try to share with one of these poor fellows the wisdom of life, saying: "everything that is done is for the better."

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