SimpleMoneyLyfe: 67% millenialsów wybiera BTC

SimpleMoneyLyfe employees summing up the results of the survey say that millennials are the main driving force of the crypto market. Investments in Bitcoin are interested in 67 percent of representatives of this generation

The analysts report said that the study was conducted among 700 people from North and Latin America, Africa, Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. All of them were born between 1980-1996.

The bulk - 85% of surveyed cryptosphere users - are men. 78% of them said that they are well versed in all the prospects and subtleties of Bitcoin. Among female respondents, only 71 percent can boast of knowledge of the first cryptocurrency.

The SimpleMoneyLyfe report also says that in the near future, the capitalization of blockchain projects will exceed $40 billion. This technology will be actively used in dozens of different areas. The main ones are medicine, cybersecurity, logistics, and finance.

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