Zwycięzca Bitcoin: zestaw 50 000$ ATH

The first cryptocurrency took a big step. Bitcoin has crossed the $50,000 bar. The reason is a lot of positive news

You can follow the price change by The graph shows how Bitcoin rose above 50,000 dollars, and then fell. Traders massively ignored bullish growth and liquidated their positions as soon as Bitcoin crossed the bar important to it.

During this fall, the price of Bitcoin was 4.22% ($48,510). The average moving 200-5M held the position, which did not allow the correction to strengthen. The bulls returned to the market, and Bitcoin reached $48,500-$49,000.

Support now exists at the level of $46,000-$46,500. Therefore, the movement to $53,000-$63,000 is open for Bitcoin. If the support breaks down, the price of the cryptocurrency will fall to $42,000 dollars

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