Elon Musk sprzedaje wideo Dogecoin NFT

The popularity of NFT has infected Elon Musk. He posted a video on Twitter and said he would sell the rights to it, turning it into an NFT object

We are talking about a 3D video in which objects associated with the cryptosphere move to the music - the moon, rocket, Siba Inu, the DOGE logo, the word "hodl" and at the top the word "vanity" is written.

The essence of the post is explained simply. The NFT object can be copied without too much trouble. However, only the owner of this work of art can say that he owns the original. Realising it is vanity. The key message of Elon Musk's NFT.

Talking about a Twitter post is probably a joke. However, the post of head of Tesla attracted the attention of investors. Some even regretted that Musk did not leave a reference to the auction, where you can buy this work of digital art.

Today, the popularity of NFT is growing every day. For example, NFT Beeple was recently sold for almost $70 million. I wonder how much Elon Musk would sell his NFT if it wasn't a joke.

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