“Pineapple” anonymous donates millions in Bitcoin
A domain name pineapplefund.org was registered on December 4th, when bitcoin rate was around $11 000. Later, on December 13th a Reddit thread was created where one user called PineappleFund expressed his readiness to give 5076 Bitcoin to charity (which is about $86 million). Pineapple philanthropist, who has a bitcoin-address in the list of top-250 “richest” ones, is not very optimistic about such a stunning Bitcoin growth. PineappleFund also told that he has never strived for becoming rich and decided to donate most of his digital-assets to charity maintaining his anonymity. The philanthropist has financed six initiatives, having donated a total of $ 3 000500 so far.  At the same time anonymous notes that he is not going to splash his bitcoins, so it would not be a good idea to ask him for financial assistance. And the answer to the question: “Why «PineappleFund»?”, is actually quite simple and clear:
“I love pineapples. The only bad thing about pineapples is that you can not eat a lot!”