Tyler Winklevoss: buying ETH at this price is stealing!

Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss lamented that ETH whales accumulating cryptocurrency at their current value are literally stealing from the Ethereum project

In his opinion, the second largest cryptocurrency is now being sold for next to nothing. In December 2020, the ETH price stepped over the $700 indicator, but this is still half the price of the all-time high of the token.

In his post, Tyler Winklevoss noted that Ethereum is one of the best this year. Its popularity was affected by the launch of ETH 2.0 and the increase in DeFi, which led to an increase in the asset by almost 500% - from 130 to 760 dollars. But it's still far from the January 2018 high of $1,450.

The increase in addresses, which account for more than 10,000 tokens, did not particularly affect the value of the cryptocurrency. Only in the last 2 months. there are 39 more of them.

But the number of retail investors with 100-10,000 tokens on their account is falling, as well as those who have less than a hundred tokens on their account (purple line). Despite the fact that the interest in the request "buy Ethereum" in Google Trends has reached an annual maximum since the beginning of the year.