Michael Jordan announced the creation of a cryptocurrency

The basketball legend plans to launch the Heir Inc. tech platform with his son and former Nike brand manager Jeron Smith. and your own token.



The platform will be powered by Solana. It will be geared towards fans and sports stars, bringing them closer together and bringing good benefits.

Jordan's startup was supported by venture investors, including Solana Ventures, as well as the Chicago Bulls, one of the New York Knicks executives and investor and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian.

This is not the first sports blockchain project. The game Sorare, the SportsIcon project, the NBA Top Shot platform have proven themselves well. Giants such as Nike and Adidas have also entered the NFT space over the past two weeks.

Other celebrities who are conquering the cryptosphere include rap icon Snoop Dogg, who launches earth in the Sandbox blockchain game. Today, December 16, the second wave of land sales around Snoopverse began in the project.

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