Forbes named TOP-6 bitcoin billionaires

The Winklevoss brothers are named by Forbes as the richest BTC billionaires. They benefited highly from Bitcoin's explosive growth in early 2021.

The TOP-3 people who have enriched themselves on the rise in the value of bitcoin include:

  • The owners of the Gemini exchange, the Winklevoss brothers ($1.4 billion each)
  • Crypto investor Tim Draper ($1.2 billion)
  • Matthew Roszak, co-founder of blockchain firm Bloq ($1.1 billion)

The top six also include Michael Sailor, co-founder of Microstrategy with a capital of $600 million, CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz (capital of $478 million) and Buterin, creator of the ETH token ($360 million).

The Forbes article says this is not a complete ranking. He simply demonstrates how the fortunes of some people have increased.

As a reminder, the Bitcoin price has been volatile since Black Monday, when BTC sank to $30,568. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at $33,068. The support level is at 33,000. The growth for the month was 85%.