Pavel Durov Blames China In Powerful DDos Attacks Due To Hong Kong Protests
The founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, thinks that the recent powerful DDos attacks were made by mainland China to smother protests in Hong Kong. Read more: One of the safest messengers in the world, Telegram, has experienced a series of DDos attacks that allegedly came from mainland China. According to Durov’s words, the IP addresses of the attackers were located there. The addresses suggest the possibility that China tried to smother the current protests in Hong Kong by hacking the messenger. Bloomber reports that two encrypted messengers, Telegram and Firechat, are trending now in the Hong Kong’s Apple Store. They help the protesters to organize the protest venues without being afraid to be spotted by the police. The service was bombed by a number of “garbage requests” which were generated by botnets, were infected with malwares and came from China. The DDos attacks stopped the ability of service to process these requests. Earlier this week, millions of citizens in Hong Kong have taken the streets to contest an extradition bill that could result in suspects being sent to mainland China. The Beijing-backed government has used violence towards the protestants which caused a new wave of resentment. The protests in Hong Kong continue up to this moment. We remind you: