OPP OPEN WIFI Offers Its ICO Investors The Opportunity Of Sharing In The Company’s Long Term Profits By Attaching Profit Share To The Tokens

OPP Open WiFi invites you to share in the profits

ICO’s are often criticised because they do not offer investors the chance to share in the ongoing profits generated by a company in the same way that the traditional IPO does. In an IPO you buy shares in the company, each share you buy entitles you to a share of the yearly profits (dividend).

With an ICO investors buy tokens at a discounted rate and are then able to make profits over short, medium or long term time frames according to their investment strategy. However once you have sold those tokens you have no further income from the business.

At OPP Open WiFi we are one of the first ICO’s to offer a share of the profits with the tokens you buy in our public sale.

Source: https://medium.com/opp-open-wifi/

● Affiliate Marketing Partners — Our Hotspot Hosts will be able to shop on line via global online retailers such as Amazon, Booking.com, Skyscanner, and many many more. OPP Open WiFi will be paid a commission on all of these sales.

● Advertising, Push Notifications — We have established an MOU with Permission Media Group LTD (UK) a leading advertising/media agency, The Permission Media Group (http://www.permissionmedia.co.uk) will have advertising rights across our platforms and will manage the splash page and push notification advertising. They have committed to paying OPP Open WiFi on a 50% — 50% equal split basis giving us advertising revenues within 36 months that exceed $20m million annually. Attached is a link overview from Permission Media Ltd outlining their strategy and projected revenues.

● Right now we have 83,000 Hotspot Hosts ready to download the app and start generating income both for themselves and for OPP Open WiFi. Our target is to reach 100,000 downloads by the end of this year. We are set to exceed that!

Each of the first 70 million OPP Tokens sold during our ICO will carry a share of the future profits made by OPP Open WiFi until 2023. We are delighted to reward our ICO investors with a share of our long-term profits in addition to the tokens they buy.

We have set aside 30% of our annual profits to be shared amongst the first 70 million tokens sold during our ICO. If you have already bought tokens, then you also have a share of the profits. If you have not yet invested in our ICO, join us now by clicking here.

Projected income based upon the amount you invest. Note, these are strictly internal projections. Please consult your financial advisor or counsel before making any investment decisions.

Source: https://medium.com/opp-open-wifi/

What makes OPP Tokens valuable?

The thing that makes OPP Open WiFi a great choice is that the platform and tokenomics are designed to increase token demand as the project progresses. The OPP Token is used to reward our community for sharing their data. OPP Tokens are paid to our active community members on a daily basis and making a significant financial contribution towards their monthly bills.

Let’s face it — would you have any objection to OPP Open WiFi paying all or part of your monthly internet bills? Of course not! Our business model is what we feel will make our token desirable and valuable and sought after for many years to come.

You are able to liquidate your token holding in accordance with our “lock-in rules”. The lock-in states that you can sell a maximum of 25% of your token holding in any 90 day period. We have done this to protect the value of the OPP token.

The target price at which the OPP token will list on crypto trading platforms is $0.40. With this projection in mind, with an investment of $50k you will buy the tokens at $0.24 offering you a potential return on the tokens of 66%. Your stake in the profit share does not depend upon you holding a token reserve.

The table above shows the projected profit from the OPP token in 2019 and the yearly profit prediction share payments for the remainder of the 5 years.


Note, this is not financial advice and is purely based on internal price projections. Please consult a qualified financial advisor to assist with investment decisions

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