Open Collectors Network 276


Open Collectors Network is the first decentralized platform for unique tokens, where anyone can seamlessly owncreatecustomize, define interaction rules and trade individual items, on an open market, based on existing standard specifications.

In short, anything and everything, if you are the first to think of it. Our platform allows creation, interaction and trading of unique tokens. Some already existing tokens that can be traded on the platform are CryptoPunks, CryptoKittens and Decentraland. However, any token representing something rare and unique can be created, like a classic car, a celebrity or simply an idea!

While most tokens created and traded on exchanges are fungible, meaning any 5 coins are just as good as any other 5, collectible tokens are non-fungible: there is only one of them in existence, and can be traded individually. This is based on a powerful new standard newly created for the Ethereum ecosystem, the ERC721 standard. It allows any token to be uniquely identified throughout the Ethereum ecosystem by the pair: (contract address, token id).

 There are some important differences:

  •  We deal with rare & unique, individual tokens.
  •  We allow creating your own unique tokens.
  •  We allow creating interaction rules between items.
  •  We have reward mechanics implemented based on user activity.
  •  We are decentralized 


Token – ECTO
1 ETH – 6000 ECTO
Platform – Ethereum
Accepting – ETH
Minimum investment – 0.1 ETH
Soft cap – 3,000 ETH
Hard cap – 15,000 ETH
All Token – 150 000 000
ICO data 01.Apr 2018 – not avilable
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The Co-Founder of Apple Announced the Launch of His Own Blockchain-Based Project 215

interview with steve wozniak

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, took part in an exclusive interview at the conference ChainXchange and talked about his attitude towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and also shared his plans for the blockchain technology:

I like to keep up with things… Bitcoin caught my attention. It had so many unusual aspects for any technology I had ever heard of. Nobody is really known to be the creator. It doesn’t have any centralized [component]. It’s based on mathematics. There’s a certain number of Bitcoin that can ever exist… Mathematics to me is like nature. It’s much better than human beings… I trust those things of nature more than what man makes up. Man makes up currencies, controls them, issues new US dollars every year; Bitcoin was immune to that.

We want to point out that the famous American inventor, electronic engineer and programmer was not particularly interested in the subject of cryptocurrency in the fall of 2017 and even sold all his Bitcoins. Back then he found that cryptocurrencies only brought “anxiety”, but now, he seems to have learnt more things about the advantage of the blockchain technology:

At first I kept hearing [about blockchain], and I didn’t understand it. It’s not something you understand in a day. You think about it, read more about it and how it works, and then you see how people actually start to use it, through the mining process and also the verification and, aha! It all adds up!” said Wozniak.

After that, the co-founder of Apple made a sensational statement: he himself is going to start working with blockchain. According to him, this will happen “very soon”, the project is likely to be launched in Malta:

I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company. [It’s] called Equi… Our approach is not like a new currency, or something phony where an event will make it go up in value. It’s a share of stock, in a company. This company is doing investment by investors with huge track records in good investments in things like apartment buildings in Dubai. We have one person in our group who has listed out a whole apartment building for Bitcoin… We might be starting up in Malta around the time of their blockchain conference. Some countries are very positive about [blockchain]the same way they were about electric vehicles.

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The Chinese Crypto Rating Welcomes New Coins While EOS Remains #1 228

chinese crypto rating

Taking into account all the crypto novelties, China Electronic Information Industry Development updated its previous ranking of the best digital coins. Some cryptocurrencies managed to keep their position or even climb up, others lost their ground.

The list of the best 5 coins currently looks in the following way

  1. EOS
  2. Ethereum
  3. Komodo
  4. Nebulas
  5. NEO

Ethereum and EOS are keeping their positions, they once more proved to be best in terms of technology, application and innovativeness. The “lucky” coins of the previous rating Lisk and Stellar have both lost 2 positions, whereas Bitcoin has climbed from the 17th to the 10th place. However, the next rating might change the things drastically.

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Ripple Wonders Why The SEC Has Not Come Up with Cryptocurrency Status Yet 332

crypto status

We all remember the loud statement of the Securities and Exchange Commission which clearly said that the world’s two most popular digital coins (Bitcoin and Ethereum) do not comply with the definition of a security. What about other altcoins?

The representative of Ripple contacted the SEC not so long ago, asking why they have not yet determined the official status of cryptocurrencies. In response, the Commission’s spokesperson stated:

The SEC has not made a determination as to whether any specific cryptocurrency may be deemed a ‘security’ under the federal securities laws.

This answer is not quite informative, thus, we only have to wait upon the decision of the SEC.

We remind you that the SEC will take the decision concerning Bitcoin ETF in September of this year.

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Õpetfoundation – Advancing Global Education-Inclusion 544

Utilizing Blockchain, AI & Chatbot Technologies to Enable the Equality of Opportunities through Education

Õpetfoundation is building a one-true source of global high school tertiary/college admission records with our unique Õpet-Blockchain solution, to facilitate seamless tertiary application and admission process.  

Imagine a day where students only need to provide a hashkey to the college they apply to and using our OPET Tokens, the institution can access all the information they require – secure, accurate and tamper free!  This ledger can only facilitate a new age of transparent and accountable edu-philanthropy with no leakage, where donors purchase tokens from independent crypto-exchange and transfer directly to beneficiaries with transparency into their app-usage patterns and records for subsequent sponsorship!

How do we populate our global ledger?

By utilizing adaptive AI recommendation engine, typically seen in Youtube, Netflix or Spotify, Õpetfoundation is developing a mobile application chatbot to serve as an affordable learning companion to students in global high schools, and learn about the user through reliable records submitted by the user, thereby recommending them global options for effective college counselling delivered via our contextualized chatbot.  To ensure longer period of engagement to “learn” more about the user for better recommendation, the AI adaptive engine can also “learn” the local national/matriculation exam curriculum to deliver an affordable digital test-prep tutor companion with a range of capabilities including personalized recommender, a unified channel for interests, tertiary/college and career counselling.

The Õpet ecosystem is designed to be open-loop for exponential scaling as we expand our operations “Uber-style” from one country to another, “learning” and offering our digital services for the high-schoolers in that geography and on-boarding them into the ecosystem for Network Effects to work its magic!

A pristine sector with vast opportunities

Education is a global evergreen industry. Worldwide expenditures rose to an estimated $6 trillion in 2016, with spending on higher learning forecasted to rise eight percent this year to $2.05 trillion. Year-on-year growth in demand is fueled globally by population growth and an expanding middle class in Asia and Africa. The target addressable market is huge by any measure.

According to a report published by Citigroup in July 2017, the total K-12 global market is estimated to be $3 trillion, with a post-secondary market estimated to be $1.5 trillion. Õpet has a specific target audience in high school students, at the cusp of making their tertiary choices.  With its Singaporean pedigree, Õpet (which originates from the Estonian word Õpetaja that means learn/teach) is determined to build a learning platform that embraces inclusive education for global students, and expanding horizons and tertiary options for the students with constructive conversations delivered via its Õpetbot.

Solutions for an industry with actual demand

With an industry that is continuously regenerating, Õpet is expected to be bathing in incremental demand for its services. As mentioned, it targets a specific group of consumers who already has a pressing need for its digital tuition companion services. The platform will offer academic assistance tailored to align with what is required of the national/matriculation exams, granting students with a smart way to revising effectively and acing effortlessly.

This crowd-funding duration in 2018 will be a crucial period in Õpetfoundation’s development of a decentralized learning platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. Consider a one-true source of high-school records powered by our unique hyperledger-ethereum blockchain solution for secure, seamless and convenient tertiary admission process, for both students to apply and tertiary admission offices to verify.  With its goal of delivering social good through inclusive education that is both personalized and affordable, the learning platform will likely be a long standing one substantiated by burgeoning intrinsic value.

A network engineered to stimulate token usage

While the Opet Token (OPET) serves a myriad of applications, its core features revolve around network incentives incorporated to stimulate token usage. The Opet Token will work as a sweetener, encouraging students on the network to contribute revision notes and relevant and curated online content in return for the staked tokens. At the same time, college admission offices in need of third party affirmations will be offered the option of purchasing testimonies and other academic data from the network using the Opet Token, presenting them a more efficient way of validating accreditations.

More than that, philanthropists can leverage on the security, accountability and transparency nature of Õpet’s unique blockchain solution to transmit Opet Token donations safely to their beneficiaries without the fear of corrupt intermediaries. These network incentives will be the driving force to progressively, and sustainably propel Opet Token’s valuation in the market.


Strategic partnerships

University of Cambridge Judge Biz School’s Psychometric Center – Working with Cambridge’s researchers to refine their Personality Profiling Tool to be embedded in our AI recommender engine for effective AI tertiary/ college referral

American University of Central Asia, which is supported by George Soros’ Open Freedom Society, Andrew Carnegie Foundation and Several Supranational and more recently,

World Capacity Builders (WCB), a Canadian Impact Investing Fintech organization with vast resources and network to global leaders, in talks with Philippines Ministry of Education

JBS International College – Affiliated to Jamiyah Singapore, part of ÕpetFoundation Corporate Social Responsibility effort to roll out services to assist under-privileged Malay students in SG


Selected top 5 among 30+ crypto projects in San Francisco’s Blockchain Economic Forum Pitch Competition

Recently announced a US$2m (~4,000ETH) (with top up rights of additional US$2m) participation of Pecunio, a UAE based crypto-VC fund as part of their Seed Portfolio and a US$1.5m (~3,000ETH) with top up rights of additional US$1.5m participation by Genesis on Digital, a Malaysian-based Crypto and Blockchain Adivsory Boutique

Awarded the Top 10 Asia-Pacific Machine Learning Solutions Provider Award by CIOAdvisor AsiaPac magazine.

Secured Listing on Exchanges – LAToken and GBX (Passed Strict Legal Compliance Exercise)

Õpet’s private sale is ending, with early bird rewards offered in the form of bonus tokens.

To show your interest in Õpet’s private sale (minimum 50 ETH), reach out to its management team at Or to KYC/whitelist for the public pre-sale (minimum 1 ETH) on 1 September 2018 onwards, please visit

The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

What Does John McAfee Have to Say About Bitfi, His Future Projects and Crypto in General? 516

interview with john mcafee

John McAfee is a very eccentric but still popular crypto personality. His every action and word instantly draws attention. Thus, we absolutely could not miss an interview that he gave to ETHNews discussing a couple of important issues.

Firstly, McAfee addressed the infamous story with Bitfi which we have thoroughly covered on our news portal. Many people were confused by McAfee’s behavior, thinking that he lied to all of his followers and customers. However, the “accused one” had an explanation for that:

My job is to market this thing [Bitfi]. How better to market it than to create a controversy?

Basically, McAfee admitted that he intentionally started all this drama with Bitfi to attract more attention to his wallet.

The crypto enthusiast also talked about a new big project – his own version of the CoinMarketCap, called McAfee Market Cap, and the further development of a decentralized crypto exchange. Though the program was launched, the developers had to take it down to introduce some upgrades and improvements.

Of course, the topic of possible running for presidency was not left out of the conversation. Here McAfee claimed that he is not interested in being the US President, he only intends to run for the post. According to him:

The act of finding and creating the president – that’s what changes America. So I want to be involved in that.

Overall, McAfee is very satisfied with everything he’s currently doing and the influence that he has on the financial world. He even modestly called himself “one of the premier technologists of this world”. However, only the time will show whether his ambitious plans will come true.

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A Crypto Movie with Kurt Russell Will Soon Come Out 488

crypto movie

As we reported earlier, Hollywood started working on a film directly involving the topic of cryptocurrency. The producers have recently disclosed a couple of interesting details about this movie, besides its star-studded cast.

The plot of this thriller will wheel around the complicated world of money laundering, fraudulence and scams involving digital currencies. The main character, played by Beau Knapp, is going to unravel the dark secrets of this world.

The producers admit that they don’t have enough knowledge about crypto and trust specialists to handle the technical part, however, they have overall positive comments about it:

We hope it lasts for a long time…That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to do the film. We’re not into fads. We hope it stays around for a long time.

The official release of the movie is scheduled for 2019.

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