Offering Goods and Services Based on Blockchain Is No Longer Allowed on Taobao

The list of banned goods and services of the Chinese online auction Taobao now contains products and services that are associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The innovation will come into force after the 17th of April. Now private sellers are no longer able to sell services within the site, related to technological developments, marketing, preparation of business proposals and other things related to ICO. Moreover, only trade associated with digital currencies, equipment for mining and rates for mining cryptocurrency was banned on Taobao, and now the ban included services and goods on the blockchain. Taobao adopted more stringent requirements for trade on its platform because of the ban on ICO by the authorities of the People's Republic of China in September of 2017. Despite this, many traders continued to sell services and goods related to cryptocurrency under the pretext of "I.CO". We would like to remind you that there appeared information about the launch of the mining platform by the Chinese online retailer Alibaba in January of this year, which was soon quickly disproved. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: