North Korea Introduced the Latest Smartphone for the Domestic Market
The latest smartphone produced by the DPRK (Blue Sky) is presented to the public at the 15th Pyongyang International Autumn Exhibition of Goods. According to the received information, the innovative gadget was put into production just a week ago so that its premiere took place during this exhibition. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="605"] Source:[/caption] The Blue Sky smartphone`s characteristics are significantly better than the DPRK production phones that are currently sold in the People’s Republic. In particular, the innovative gadget has a six-inch touch screen with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels and is equipped with four cameras. At the same time, the phone’s memory for data storage is 64 gigabytes, which is twice more than that of its closest competitor, the Pyongyang 2426 model. The Blue Sky smartphone has advanced features such as face recognition, fingerprint unlocking, and gesture control applications. During the exhibition, this device`s cost was $290, which is quite expensive even for wealthy Pyongyang residents. Therefore, numerous electronics booth visitors were in no hurry to buy it, although they examined the smartphone with curiosity, took it in their hands to see how it works and made several selfies. When the correspondent asked the booth employee whether it is possible for a foreigner to purchase the latest phone model, she answered “no”. She explained that this device is allowed to be sold only to residents of the DPRK. Moreover, the monitoring of compliance with this requirement is very strict: before buying, the seller writes down his passport data, and only after that the smartphone is personally assigned to the buyer. As we see, DPRK's “technological progress” goes its own way. For local residents, this phone is something incredible and they are sure that there are no such technologies anywhere else in the world.