Nokia Achieved Terabit Speeds for Etisalat Network

During testing, Nokia presented a speed of more than 50 Tbit/s when transferring data in the current network of Etisalat operator in the UAE. At the same time, the data transfer rate reached 1.3 Tbit/s per channel.

Based on the PCS algorithm, Nokia’s commercial Photonic Service Engine 3 (PSE-3) has already been created. It was used to form the signal during tests on the network of the Etisalat operator. Field tests were carried out on a 93-kilometer network section and showed a peak speed of 50.8 Tbit/s or 1.3 Tbit/s per channel. This figure is lower than that Nokia showed in October 2016 on a 6,600 km long section (65 Tbps), but it was achieved not in the laboratory, but on a real network. Earlier Nokia reported that the use of PCS technology will make it possible to increase the bandwidth of existing networks by 65 percent while reducing energy consumption by 60 percent. As always in cases of record data transfer, Nokia tried to show the effect of its development using a simple example. In particular, the achieved speeds would allow spending no more than two seconds on downloading Game of Thrones in HD format.