No Portholes, but a 360º Camera: Cabin Look in the Near Future
Designers of the French studio Technicon Design presented the business jet IXION interior concept. It turned out that the design is not only very futuristic but also quite practical. Experts suggested replacing traditional portholes and walls of a plane with high-resolution displays which will broadcast video from external cameras or any other video content in 360º format. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="784"] Source:[/caption] External cameras will transmit the image to all monitors in the cabin, and passengers will enjoy incredible panoramic views of the surrounding airspace. Developers think, such a design will differ not only by its external attractiveness but also by innovative technical solutions. This concept provides for the implementation of energy-saving technologies, as numerous monitors will be powered by solar panels. Interestingly, the absence of portholes will contribute to strengthening the fuselage of the aircraft. As a result, the airliner will become lighter, which means it will need less fuel. It will cause cheaper air tickets for passengers. Displays not only show the sky panorama - but they can also be used to view any video content, including video conferencing, which is especially important for business aviation. By designers' calculations, this aircraft design will be implemented in the next 10-15 years. It is possible that very soon the salons of planes will look even more futuristic.