Nintendo Celebrates 130 Years
Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo Koppai in Kyoto on September 23, 1889. Nintendo is now the oldest gaming company in the world. For example, Taito was founded in 1953, and Sega - in 1960. Last week, it took 21st place in the list of the most popular companies according to Forbes. The company issued hand-drawn Japanese-style Hanafuda playing cards. For the first forty years, the company focused on cards. The company began developing light pistols for the Magnavox Odyssey in the 1970s and finally unveiled its first “console”, Color TV-Game 6, in 1977. This common development with Mitsubishi had only six different variations of the Pong game. Today, Nintendo's top-selling game consoles are DS (154.02 million copies), Game Boy Color (118.69 million) and Wii (101.63 million items). The Switch gaming console was sold in 36.87 million units. The best-selling game was Wii Sports, which was sold in 83 million copies.