Nike Introduced Sneakers that are Laced by Voice Command
Nike introduced Adapt Huarache sneakers with FitAdapt technology that allows shoes to tighten or loosen their laces on their own thanks to motors embedded in the soles. You can use the auto-tighten laces function by pressing the button on the sneakers or through the Nike Adapt app. Thanks to this program, it is possible to manage your shoes through a smartphone with Android or iOS, Apple Watch and even Siri voice assistant. The application has several modes that will meet the needs of the user in various situations, for example, tightening the laces for sports games and a more free mode for walking. At the same time, the settings for the left and right feet may differ. Also, Nike Adapt allows changing the color of the indicator lights in the soles, check the battery charge of the sneakers and update their firmware. According to Highsnobiety, Nike Adapt Huarache will go on sale on September 13 this year at a price of $350 or euros per pair, depending on the market.