Gaming NFT marketplaces - All you need to know

NFTs have successfully become part of the digital world, and they get more and more applications every day. Just look at how quickly the products of this industry have become in demand and have gained their genuine value. Gaming NFTs are now gaining particular popularity. However, with the dizzying rise in popularity of NFTs, the question of getting them right comes up. A newbie may have many questions. What are gaming NFTs? Where is the best place to buy/sell them? What is an NFT Game marketplace, how does it work, and how to choose one? In this article, we will try to answer the main questions about gaming NFTs and gaming NFT marketplaces.

Gaming NFT explained

First of all, you need to understand what is the difference between traditional and gaming NFTs. A Non-Fungible Token or NFT is a digital asset built on blockchain technology, the major value of which is real-world objects: works of art, musical compositions, videos, movies, memes, video games, etc. However, the difference lies in the fact that gaming NFTs allow their owner to earn money not only on buying, selling, or auctioning. The mechanics of all NFT games are based on the “play-to-earn” principle, which allows players to earn income from entertainment in video games. Gamers can buy and sell in-game NFTs (this can be armor, weapons, skins, etc.), complete daily tasks, go through the main story of the game, and fight other players, depending on the genre and direction of the game. For all events completed by the player, a reward is provided in the in-game token.

The first known NFT game was released in 2015 and was called Etheria, in which the player could buy land and territories that were NFTs. It was followed by CryptoKitties in 2017, which became a real boom, and managed to finally consolidate the interest of the world community in NFT games.

The industry is steadily developing, and its gaming NFT game market capitalization has already reached tens of billions of dollars.

Gaming NFT marketplace - best way to buy non fungible game tokens

However, after such rapid growth, many crypto gamers have a question - where can they trade their NFTs? It was at this time that the network was flooded with trading platforms dealing exclusively with gaming NFTs. The Gaming NFT Marketplace is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to perform various actions such as buying, selling, auctioning, etc. Each NFT Game marketplace provides a wide range of features and mechanics. You can communicate with the community to find out which project is trending, or you can simply store your NFTs. Most video game NFT gaming marketplaces specialize in specific NFTs of the same kind. These are, as it were, “profile” NFT Games market trading NFTs of one game or one collection. However, some sell a variety of collections, from various products to video games. One of these is the OctoGamex platform, which provides its user with more than 50+ collections to choose from. This platform offers its users the most popular NFT collections in the Blockchain Games industry. An obvious advantage of the OctoGamex platform is that it supports many cryptocurrencies which makes the purchase convenient and fast.

NFT games are becoming increasingly popular and have the potential to overtake traditional video games in the foreseeable future. And when this happens, you will have to choose your video game NFT marketplace with excellent conditions, a nice interface, and ease of use. Don't waste your time earning, and have fun now!