New York will place 180,000 ASIC-miners in an abandoned factory

The state authorities of New York approved the placement of miners for a creation of Bitcoin at an abandoned smeltery in Massena.

They will also provide with 15 megawatts of hydroelectric power for the Coinmint cloud mining service. According to the project, the distribution of power will contribute to the investment of $ 165 million.

According to local media reports, the main reason for the Bitcoin mining business in this area is the way to offer cheap electricity. The authorities of New York intend to use such opportunities to improve local economy and create 150 new jobs.

New York State was previously not known for its involvement or openness to cryptocurrency mining, that title traditionally belonging to Washington State with its cheap electricity.

“That’s been one of our main marketing points is that we have cheap reliable power,” Massena town supervisor Steven O’Shaughnessy countered to WWNYTV.

“It would be good for Massena. I think they are highly technical jobs. We’re definitely going to look forward to something like that”.

It is planned that the new object will work on a 24 hours basis. Coinmint intends to hire 75 full-time employees in 2018 and 75 in 2019. The number of jobs will include security officers, IT professionals, electricians and maintenance personnel with an average annual salary of $ 46,000.

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