New Telegram Privacy Settings: Now It is Possible to Delete Old Messages from All Chats
Perhaps the most popular messenger Telegram received another update in which developers have expanded the possibilities of privacy. For example, now you can delete messages from both yourself and all chat participants at the same time absolutely at any moment. It should be noted that this function was previously available only for those messages that were sent no later than 48 hours ago. In the new version of Telegram Messenger, you can prohibit referring to yourself. That is, if your message will be forwarded to another chat, then there is an opportunity to make it so that it is not visible that you are its author. You can also set a privacy system and limit viewing your own photo. The company decided to take this step, as they are well aware that even an innovative encryption system cannot save users while their personal messages are kept by third parties. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, wrote:
“An old message you already forgot about can be taken out of context and used against you decades later. A hasty text you sent to a girlfriend in school can come haunt you in 2030 when you decide to run for mayor. We have to admit: Despite all of our progress in encryption and privacy, we have very little actual control of our data. We can’t go back in time and erase things for other people. Well, we couldn’t. Until today. Starting today, we are allowing every Telegram user to delete any message in a private conversation from both sides. It doesn’t matter who sent the message and when – you have complete control over it. You can even wipe out the whole conversation from both sides if you want to. No trace will be left on either side.”
It is worth noting that in addition to updated privacy settings, the new version of the messenger received other smaller changes, for example, improved search, video and GIF files now do not require full file download, and the sound quality of communication has become much better. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: