New Features of Google: Dark Mode, Multimedia Keys, and Never-Slow Mode

Google Chrome has recently added some new features that may be quite interesting and useful for any user in the world. Ready to see them, then slide down and see the list of the latest novelties of Google Chrome.

Dark Mode

Tired of bright colours of the browser? Then, just switch it to dark mode. According to the 9to5Google report, Google is testing out dark mode support in the latest developer builds of Canary Chrome. The novelty was first spied by Reddit and Twitter users who were rocking the Chrome 74 browser within the Canary channel. However, it is still unclear how Google will introduce dark mode.

From the pictures provided below, you can see that dark mode is respected on some systems, but on other, it does not. It means that Google must be still experimenting. The dark mode will roll out in April, according to the report.

Google Chrome dark mode switching on macOS
Source: 9to5Google
Google Chrome dark mode switching on Windows 10
Source: 9to5Google

Multimedia Keys and Auto Picture-in-Picture

Do you want to pause the song by pressing the button on your keyboard, then just do it! Google Chrome 73, the release of which will be in March 2019, is going to add the support of multimedia keys that some users have on their desk and laptop keyboards.


Many keyboards now have the play/pause, previous and next track functions on their buttons. Thus, from now on, if the person want to stop the song, he/she can just click the key on the keyboard, and the song will pause. It does not matter whether Chrome is in foreground or background.

Sometimes users want to watch videos and surf the net or write something in the Microsoft Word, but it is very inconvenient to move the video in foreground every time, that is why Google Chrome decided to implement Auto Picture-in-Picture. The user can freely switch back and forth between the web app and other applications or tabs, while the video will just follow him/her. The example is shown in the video below.

Support for multimedia keys and Auto Picture-in-Picture will be available for Chrome on Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows, while support for Linux will come later.

Never-Slow Mode

You are not satisfied with the speed of the Google Chrome on some sites? The browser is aware of it and now takes all the measures to become faster. “Never-Slow Mode” is currently being tested for Google’s Chrome that would theoretically make the browser much faster on resource-intensive websites. The change has been recently spotted in the Chromium repository, yet it is marked as a prototype for internal use only.

Never-Slow Mode actually blocks certain items from the main thread to make them lighter. The budget are set with such sizes:


This feature though does not cut down Chrome’s memory usage and make it lite, but still there is some hope for people who are waiting for Chrome Lite.

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