New Apple Watch will Track Sleep
The American company Apple has developed a technology for tracking the user's sleep process for an electronic watch Apple Watch. According to the publication, the development of Time in Bed tracking could appear in the company after the acquisition of the Beddit sleep monitoring service in 2017, although before that Apple did not allow owners of smartwatches to monitor the state of the body during sleep. Now the owners of Apple technology will be able to control their sleep in the "Health" application on the iPhone, where information from the smartwatches sensors will be transmitted. In particular, the device will record noise, movement and heart rate. It is currently unknown whether users will need to change the watch model to a new one to use this feature, or it will work with older models. It is expected that the new Apple watch will be performed at the official presentation on September 10. The sleep tracking function works on Fitbit and Samsung devices, and according to experts, Apple’s new development will allow the company to compete with other companies.