NASA Will Explore the Space Using Ethereum Blockchain
Blockchain has long been an object of interest to the space center, as technology will open new horizons for this area. In this connection, NASA uses Ethereum smart contracts to delve into the study of space. The test work was led by Jin Wei Kocsis, a doctor who received a grant of $330 thousand for the development of a system that processes data on the Earth. The supervisor is confident that the smart contracts will make the system stand-alone, which will allow the ships to anticipate the rusks accompanied by space movement.
"In this project, the Ethereum Blockchain technology will be exploited to develop a decentralized, secure, and cognitive networking and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration ... I hope to develop technology that can recognize environmental threats and avoid them, as well as complete a number of tasks automatically. I am honored that NASA recognized my work, and I am excited to continue challenging technology's ability to think and do on its own."
To this day, space flights need careful and continuous control of a person. Dr. Kocsis and her team will change the implementation of space programs completely. The remaining details of the project are classified. We would like to remind you that the use of blockchain is not practiced by NASA for the first time. The first project was tracking space debris, aimed at improving communication with aircraft. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: