NASA Scientists Discovered a Unique Star, it Flies Through our Universe at a Speed of 4 Million Kilometers Per Hour

Specialists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA) discovered a rather unusual pulsator-star. This is a very unstable neutron star, which has an extremely magnetized structure.

Its main feature is the speed at which it flies through space – 4 million kilometers per hour. It is very fast, even by cosmic standards.

For example, this object could overcome the distance from the Earth to the Sun in just 37 hours, and from Earth to its natural satellite in just 6 minutes. Scientists believe that this speed is most likely caused by the fact that the star, due to its unstable structure, constantly explodes and thus, gives itself acceleration. The scientists were able to track the initial point from which this star began its “journey” thanks to the pulsar light tail, which stretches for a distance of 13 light years.

This space object is listed in the NASA registry under the official name PSR J0002+6216. Further study of this star will allow scientists to learn more about the nature of this “cosmic speeding”.

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