NASA’s All-Women Space Mission Had to Be Cancelled due to Problems with Suits
Some surprising news came from National Aeronautics and Space Administration yesterday, on March 25. It seems like its plans of conducting an all-female spacewalk is not meant to be, at least just yet. The funny and strange part is that the problem was not as significant as it may seem from the first sight. The issue was the lack of spacesuits. The previous plans were as follows: two astronauts Ann McClain and Christina Koch were supposed to exit the International Space Station together and install some equipment in the open space. This would be the first NASA space mission involving only women, the previous ones included just men or man and women. However, some changes had to be made regarding the spacewalk scheduled for March 29. It turned out that the agency will be able to manufacture only one spacesuit by the deadline. This suit will be allocated for Christina Koch.
Koch had been scheduled to conduct this spacewalk with astronaut McClain, in what would have been the first all-female spacewalk. However, after consulting with McClain and Hague following the first spacewalk, mission managers decided to adjust the assignments, due in part to spacesuit availability on the station,” is said in the official press release of the agency.
Ann McClain has already participated in a similar mission last week, but she was accompanied by men. She became the 13th female to conduct such an endeavor. Now the time has come for Koch to shine. She will be the 14th on the list. McClain commented on the matter on her Twitter: The agency also informed that the next mission of McClain will be scheduled for April 8. This is how the all-female mission failed before it even started. Hopefully, in the future, NASA will plan their missions more carefully and responsibly. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: