NASA Announced the Date of the Landing of Human on Mars
Provided to the full support of other countries and private companies, a human’s landing on Mars can take place before 2035, TechCrunch reported with reference to NASA head Jim Bridenstine. “If we accelerate the Moon landing, we’re accelerating the Mars landing — that’s what we’re doing” - Jim Bridenstine said about the Artemis program, which provides for the first landing of a woman on the moon in 2024. NASA's current goal is to land on the moon over the next five years and gain a foothold on it until 2028. A base where people can live and work for long periods of time should appear on the moon. “If our budgets were sufficient, I would suggest that we could do it by 2035”. The US Congress has already begun a hearing on the NASA budget. Congressmen are skeptical of the cost of completing Artemis now. Earlier, NASA Space Agency announced the launch of a new moon exploration strategy, which involves attracting international and commercial partners. NASA reported that it had stopped scientific operations by the Opportunity rover through a dust storm in June 2018. The storm prevented the sunlight through the atmosphere and did not give the rover enough energy sources since the device runs on solar panels.