Officially: TON OS Components To Appear On GitHub Tomorrow

The developers of TON Labs officially announced: the main components of TON OS will appear in the public domain tomorrow. Company representatives said that the files can be found in the repository on GitHub. The following components  will be available:

  • the full TON node in Rust;
  • command-line interface;
  • scripts and dock containers for launching TON validators;
  • the TON Multisignature Wallet smart contract.

The developers also promise to release the following components until the end of May:

  • Decentralized Surf Browser;
  • TON Cash token;
  • Decentralized Staking Pool DePool.

Important to note is that all components of TON OS will be freely distributed since TON Labs is a member of the Free Software Foundation. The developers say it would be absurd to close the source code to the public blockchain.

Earlier we wrote that Durov decided not to bypass the injunction and the launch the TON project on April 30, 2020, was canceled, instead offered investors a new deal.