Galax Menolak Perkhidmatan Jaminan SSD untuk Penambang Chia

A major Chinese hard drive manufacturer has warned consumers that product warranties will be voided if SSDs are used to mine the Chia cryptocurrency.

The hard drive manufacturer Galax warned its customers about this. The company representatives clarified that the demand for products from the miners has grown, which forced them to take such measures. Indeed, if under normal conditions of using drives, disks are able to live many times longer than the warranty period, then under conditions of constant load and mining, their service life becomes "Russian roulette".

Basically, we are talking not so much about HDDs, which miners began to demolish from all the shelves of Chinese stores, as about SSDs. Now, when purchasing hard drives on the Galax website, in the lower right corner, the user sees a notification about the terms of warranty service. If during the verification the fact of mining is revealed, the service will refuse to repair such a hard drive.

The question that rightly arose in the minds of most members of the crypto community who saw this news is how exactly the manufacturer will determine the fact that the disk was used by miners? The only obvious option is the degree of wear. On the other hand, would Galax abuse the ability to deny warranty repairs? Even those who were simply more active than others used solid-state drives for their direct purpose, overtaking large amounts of data through them, but at the same time had never heard of Chia.

It is not yet known when the Chia blockchain will launch, but the eco-cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity in the Asia-Pacific region every day. And especially in China.

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