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From TRADE.com - A multi-asset broker with an option to cryptocurrency CFDs

TRADE.com is a broker that was once fully CFD, but now offers mixed options for different types of traders / investors who want to make their operations more profitable. In this way, it is able to offer both CFDs and diversified portfolios, which gives it a wide market range, and is the main reason that it is becoming a really successful proposition among European traders.

CFD Cryptotrading at TRADE.com

One of the types of financial assets that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years has been cryptocurrencies, in the same way, crypto trading, or trading with cryptocurrencies, has experienced a powerful boom. At TRADE.com you can trade cryptocurrency CFDs, so you can trade on their price, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple.



A slogan on the TRADE.com page dedicated to crypto reads: " Don't buy it, trade it " making a clear statement of what crypto trading is really about and how it works on TRADE.com. They are leveraged operations in which they operate on the price, whose final profit is multiplied by the level of leverage that you have applied to the operation and will correspond to the difference between the sale price minus the purchase price, unless you have opened a buy position, in which case it will be the opposite.

This simplifies and shortens the times in which it would take for these investments to actually generate results, either in one direction or another, since you can schedule CFD operations to be carried out in less than a day, in a few hours or in less One week. In addition, the leverage will maximize the result which makes it both more attractive and more dangerous, since they can generate losses that, in the same way, will be increased by the leverage.

The crypto trading conditions at TRADE.com , however, are quite favorable to the trader: with leverage levels restricted to 1: 2 for retail traders, which significantly reduces the danger of losing too much capital. In addition, the spreads are usually quite tight, the minimum of which will depend on the current price of the cryptocurrency in which you are investing.

Instruments available on TRADE.com

Apart from cryptocurrency CFDs, and how could it be otherwise in a multi- asset broker, TRADE.com offers other investment options and other forms of investment that can be quite interesting. Within the CFD model, it has various assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, Forex, indices and basic products, each with trading conditions that depend on the market in which you are interested.

In addition to CFDs, a market of pre-IPOs (Initial Public Offering) has a wide offer that are nothing more than securities that are issued by companies before going on the stock market, in order to raise funds and know the initial value of every action. This offer is also constantly updated, allowing you to find new IPO options from time to time.

Two other options are Spread Betting and DMA, which are related to CFDs, although with different technologies. The DMA allows you to enter directly to the sources of liquidity, allowing a faster execution and without slippage, while the Spread Betting offers operations carried out in much shorter times. Finally, the most innovative option is Asset Management, which gives investors the possibility of acquiring diversified portfolios that allow them to prioritize different characteristics of the market, such as value, earnings or growth, and which are assembled by a group of experts who work for the company and who offer direct advice.

TRADE.com platforms and resources

To operate on TRADE.com you have a series of highly recommended platforms available, such as MetaTrader 4 and 5, in their versions for Windows and for Apple. In addition to the company's own WebTrader platform, there is a multiplatform that is designed to interact much more easily with all the functions of the broker.



In addition to this, you have advanced charts, CFD expiration date Rollover and an economic calendar, tools that will allow you to carry out deep technical and fundamental analysis before carrying out your operations, so that you have a clearer idea of ​​when in the trading cycle. market you are in and that you can make decisions accordingly, to obtain more favorable results.




The TRADE.com platform certainly has a number of quite interesting financial instruments and trading tools and giving it a try can be well worth it. In addition, the system is capable of distinguishing between professional retail traders and wholesalers, allowing you to further scale the negotiations that you can carry out within the platform, this thanks to the optional professional client program, which allows you to unblock the restrictions that the broker employs to protect retail customers from excessive losses.

With all that it offers, TRADE.com is truly an option that any professional trader should consider when deciding where to trade for further diversification of their portfolio. 

This review is not an announcement or recommendation for action, but merely informative. The publisher and author are not responsible for their decisions.

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